Synergy strengthens its sales structure in the Southwest of France

Por synergy

Publicado 12 de July de 2021

Alberto Jiménez, has extensive experience in marketing services in the French market; His work will focus on offering companies a comprehensive “port-door” service which, thanks to the railway, will reduce costs and transit time for imports and exports, while contributing to the improvement of the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, having saved 12 tonnes in 2020.


Launched in February 2020, the intermodal service between Southwest France and Hutchison Ports BEST Terminal (Barcelona) is proving a notable success for customers, who have achieved up to 11 days’ savings in transit time for their goods, and significant competitive advantages for importing and exporting their products through the Port of Barcelona.


The consolidation and growth of traffic between France and the Port of Barcelona is represented by the Noain Intermodal Terminal, an essential strategic link, from where Synergy offers daily connections and multiple services: last mile, customs solutions, warehousing and crossdocking, VGM, forage and lashing, cleaning and fumigation, installation of thermal blankets and flexitanks, etc.


Pablo García, General Manager, says “We have reinforced our customs department to assist our French customers with their transport from France through the Port of Barcelona. As such, we offer all kinds of services: clearance, transits, goods inspections…”.


Its facilities at the Miranda de Ebro Container Terminal (Burgos), which has gained the trust of a growing group of companies and operators thanks to an efficient and versatile offer, completes Synergy’s offer.


It should also be noted that this network of infrastructures and services achieves a global dimension thanks to the network of Hutchison Ports, a pioneering terminal operator present in 53 ports and 27 countries, thus offering the Port of Barcelona more than 200 connections with ports all over the world. Within the port, is BEST Terminal, the first semi-automated terminal of the group, the most technologically advanced in Spain and the largest railway terminal of the Mediterranean ports with 8 tracks of 750 metres that connects the world traffic to Europe through the Mediterranean and vice versa.

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