Synergy consolidates its service to Noain with a sixth weekly train and 2000 trains operated.

Por synergy

Publicado 13 de February de 2020

On Monday 10th February 2020, the logistics operator Synergy completed its 2000th train of its railway service Barcelona – Noain, which connects the Intermodal Terminal of Navarra (TIN) with its Maritime Terminal Hutchison Ports BEST, in the Port of Barcelona.

The company, which belongs to Hutchison Ports group, and is a neutral operator, has been operating this service exclusively since 2012, the year in which they also obtained the concession to operate the TIN Terminal located in Noain (Pamplona).

With these 2000 completed rail journeys, Synergy has managed to take 73,000 trucks off the road and save over 100,000 tons of CO2 emissions. This sustainable transport offer has helped Synergy to grow continuously, and it will start operating the sixth weekly train to Noain on March 2nd.

Furthermore, Synergy has an exclusive railway service from BEST to TCM Terminal, in Miranda de Ebro, which started in October 2018 and already has 4 weekly services. It also offers other national services such as trains to TMZ in Zaragoza, or to Puerto Seco Azuqueca, in Azuqueca de Henares, and international services, with destinations such as Rotterdam, Antwerp or Lyon.

The operator thus connects all its customers with the direct worldwide maritime services offered by BEST’s terminal, reducing transit time by up to 11 days, which so much affects the value of goods and the importing and exporting companies logistics chain.

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